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ISAIAH age 7, ALAYNA age 5 and DAVID age 1

Isaiah, Alayna and David all have special needs. These siblings were all sleeping on a mattress on the floor for safety reasons. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased equipment to get the children safely sleeping above floor level, which assisted not only the children but alleviated some lifting strain and stress for their parents. We were also able to purchase some sensory devices for this family. Thank you to their father for serving our country in the US Air Force.

DECLAN, age 10

Declan has Cerebral Palsy.  Declan’s Mom requested assistance with physical therapy and horseback riding therapy. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to pay for both of these therapies for Declan

LILY, age 7


Lily has Dystonia and Cerebral Palsy. The foundation was able to pay for special therapy for Lily. We also covered the cost for some of her physical therapy needs.


Monica has Cerebral Palsy and need a “chill out chair” which the foundation was able to
provide for her.

MAGGIE, age 12

Maggie suffers from the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Her adoptive family had a simple request for a special adaptive swing for their swing set.

MAKAYLA, age 10


Makayla has Down Syndrome. Her parents requested an adaptive tricycle as well as
an iPad to assist Makayla with communication. The foundation was able to provide both.

DEMETRICE, age 17 months


Demetris has Semi Lobar Holoprocensephaly. Demetrice needed a special device to train him to swallow so he could start eating solids. The foundation was able to provide this device for  him.