DESIREE is an 18-year-old young lady who has bilateral hearing loss. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to purchase a pair of hearing aids which will assist Desiree when she goes off to college next year.

MICHAEL, age 6, has hearing loss. The Foundation provided him with hearing aids.

CLAIR, age 3, has hearing loss and cochlear implants. The Foundation provided speech therapy.

ELIZABETH, age 17, was premature and developed subsequent hearing loss. The Foundation provided Elizabeth with new updated hearing aids.

SAM, age 3, has bilateral hearing loss. The Foundation provided him with an FM system to assist with hearing at school and in the home.

WYATT, age 4, has bilateral hearing loss. He also received an FM system.

JONATHON, age 4, has conductive hearing loss in his left ear. The Foundation provided a hearing aid for him.

PAIGE, age 10, has sensory hearing loss. The Foundation provided hearing aids for her.

LOGAN, age 4, has a sensory processing disorder. The Foundation paid for special testing to allow his care team to tailor their treatments to his needs

CHASE, age 10, has Downs Syndrome. His request was for technology to assist him with his communication.