Keeping Kids Healthy (and Happy)

Sometimes families need assistance purchasing nutritional supplements and other items needed to keep their kids healthy:

Harper is 18 months old and has Mitochondrial Disease. Her family needed assistance purchasing a special formula.

Angela, age 3, has Cerebral Palsy. Angela’s family needed assistance with purchasing Pedialyte.

Andrew, age 13, has Muscular Dystrophy. His family needed assistance in purchasing special formula. Angel’s family needed assistance purchasing Ensure for their daughter. Nathan, age 6, has Autism. His mom needed assistance purchasing pull ups while he continues to try to master potty training.

Devon, age 4, has Autism and a severe oral aversion requiring the placement of a feeding tube. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased a Blend-Tech blender to enable the family to tube feed Devon healthy foods.

Mekhi, age 2, has tracheomalacia and sleep apnea. Mekhi’s doctor felt that a window air conditioning unit would keep Mekhi more comfortable during the summer months. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased an air conditioning unit for her.

Antonio and Mason both have Autism, their families requested some sensory equipment for them which the foundation was happy to purchase.

Jorden, age 6, suffers from Rett’s Syndrome. Due to tremors, Jorden has difficulty eating. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased a special self-leveling spoon to assist with eating.

Johan, age 2, has congenital cataracts and suffers from infantile spasms. His teacher requested a baby swing for home use to help sooth Johan.

Preethi, age 4, has Cerebral Palsy. Preethi needed multiple pieces of equipment to assist her in her home. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to purchase all the equipment she needed.

Jase, age 3, has Krabbe Disease which is a progressive disorder of the nervous system. Jase’s family needed to purchase a special respiratory vest but was not able to afford it. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to purchase this item for Jase.