Seating Assistance

Anthony, age 2, has Cerebral Palsy. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased a P- Pod Postural Support System for him. A P-Pod Postural Support System is the perfect alternative seating solution and it is light and portable.

Evelyn, age 2, suffers from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. And as a result, Evelyn suffers from neurologic overstimulation and is difficult to comfort. The Foundation purchased a Babocush for her. This special piece of equipment allows for swaddling with gentle vibration, a rhythmic heart beat and a rocking or swaying motion.

Titan, age 3, has Cerebral Palsy. The foundation purchased a supportive chair and tray system to allow him to sit up with support and more easily engage in his environment.

Kaleigh, age 1, suffers from an undiagnosed neurologic disorder that makes it very difficult to comfort her. The family needed a special baby swing, which the foundation purchased.