Other Assistance for Kids

Logan (age 2) has SMA and required a feeding pump which the foundation was happy to provide.

Damien (age 6) had a virus at birth causing blindness and developmental delays. The foundation purchased a portable ramp for the family van.

Brendyn (age 2) has Cerebral Palsy and received a portable ramp.

Ayana (age 17) has Avascular Necrosis and had the simple request of a shower chair and a hand held shower kit.

Sullivan (age 14) has Cystic Fibrosis, he needed and received a portable nebulizer so he can receive his treatments on the go.

Lawson (age 10) has Cerebral Palsy and his parents could no longer carry him upstairs. Thanks to The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation, they now have an in-home stair lift.

Aaron (age 7) was a shaken baby, he needed a special suit called a Teratog to assist him with his mobility.

Silas (age 3) has Cerebral Palsy. His family requested an adjustable activity chair that assists him in a variety of daily activities.

Champlain Valley Educational Services received funding to purchase equipment for their autistic students.