DESIREE is an 18-year-old young lady who has bilateral hearing loss. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to purchase a pair of hearing aids which will assist Desiree when she goes off to college next year.

MICHAEL, age 6, has hearing loss. The Foundation provided him with hearing aids.

CLAIR, age 3, has hearing loss and cochlear implants. The Foundation provided speech therapy.

ELIZABETH, age 17, was premature and developed subsequent hearing loss. The Foundation provided Elizabeth with new updated hearing aids.

SAM, age 3, has bilateral hearing loss. The Foundation provided him with an FM system to assist with hearing at school and in the home.

WYATT, age 4, has bilateral hearing loss. He also received an FM system.

JONATHON, age 4, has conductive hearing loss in his left ear. The Foundation provided a hearing aid for him.

PAIGE, age 10, has sensory hearing loss. The Foundation provided hearing aids for her.

LOGAN, age 4, has a sensory processing disorder. The Foundation paid for special testing to allow his care team to tailor their treatments to his needs

CHASE, age 10, has Downs Syndrome. His request was for technology to assist him with his communication.


HUTZEL HOSPITAL contacted The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation to request special car beds so families of premature babies could borrow them for a safe ride home at discharge. We were able to purchase three car beds for them.

For sun protection, three stroller canopies were purchased for RYAN, age 15, who was born missing a portion of his brain, CONNOR, age 5, who has Mitochondrial Disease and Diautonomia and for JORDYNN, age 3.

NYASIA, age 16, has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to her wheelchair. Her family requested a ramp to allow them to safely come and go from their home.

HENRY and JUNIPER, age 8, are twins with Autism. Their request was for a therapy dog to help ease their anxiety while navigating out in public.

DELILA, 15 months old, was shaken as a baby. Her adoptive family requested a play pack portable positioner to allow Delila to be comfortably positioned when away from home. The Foundation also provided much needed arm braces for her.

ANNABELLE, age 3, and ADDISON, age 1, are sisters who have Leigh’s Disease. Neither are walking and both have feeding tubes. Their mom requested a double stroller so that she could leave the house with both children.

The following children received adaptive tricycles from the Emily Ann Griffin Foundation:

– KYLE, age 18, who has Prader Willli Syndrome
– JOSE, age 13, also has Prader Willli Syndrome
– WYATT, age 7, was born without abdominal muscles
– AARON, age 6, has Cerebral Palsy
– LUCAS, age 7, has Cerebral Palsy
– MOHAMMED, age 4, low tone and Congenital Scoliosis
– XAVIER, age 7, has Epidermolysis Bullosa

ADRIANNA’S family needed a handicapped-accessible van. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to contribute the remaining funds to make this possible.

TRINITY, age 15, was born with a rare unnamed syndrome causing multiple issues. Trinity is also a double amputee. His family requested a wheelchair lock down mechanism for their van.

CADEN, age 2, was born with Hydrocephaly, commonly known as fluid on the brain. Caden needed a special car seat to accommodate his needs. The Foundation was able to purchase this for him.


DANIEL, age 3, has a blood disorder and was a recipient of a bone marrow transplant. Daniel is also developmentally delayed. The Foundation was able to assist the family in paying the expensive co-pays for the many medications Daniel must take.

CASSIE has Autism. Her family needed assistance paying for the art classes that Cassie loves and benefits from socially.

IAN, age 9, has Autism and is non-verbal. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation provided funding for therapy.

MONTANA, age 17, greatly benefits from the horse back riding therapy that the Foundation was able to purchase.

ISABELLA, age 7, has Autism. Her mom requested and the Foundation provided sensory toys.

KOLTON is 6 months old and suffered from Plageocephaly. The family requested a special helmet to allow for proper skull growth and brain development.

KAMSI is paralyzed and requested a stander to be used at home.

LILY has Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia. The Foundation provided funding for special therapy.

GAVIN, age 3, has Hypotonia, Epilepsy, and is paralyzed on one side of his body. His family requested a potty chair and an activity chair.

BRYAN, age 4, has Cerebral Palsy and is blind. Because it is diffiCult to find ways to engage Bryan, his family requested a “Little Room” which is a little space filled with many sensory objects. This room provides the much-needed stimulation for Bryan.

AIRE, age 10, has Cerebral Palsy and needed assistance being moved when in his home. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation provided his family with a lift system.

ETHAN, age 6, has Cerebral Palsy and DEMITRICE, age 2, has Semi Lobar Holoprosencephaly. Their families were having difficulty buying diapers. The Foundation was happy to supply them with several months worth of diapers.

ISAIAH age 7, ALAYNA age 5 and DAVID age 1

Isaiah, Alayna and David all have special needs. These siblings were all sleeping on a mattress on the floor for safety reasons. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation purchased equipment to get the children safely sleeping above floor level, which assisted not only the children but alleviated some lifting strain and stress for their parents. We were also able to purchase some sensory devices for this family. Thank you to their father for serving our country in the US Air Force.

DECLAN, age 10

Declan has Cerebral Palsy.  Declan’s Mom requested assistance with physical therapy and horseback riding therapy. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to pay for both of these therapies for Declan

LILY, age 7


Lily has Dystonia and Cerebral Palsy. The foundation was able to pay for special therapy for Lily. We also covered the cost for some of her physical therapy needs.


Monica has Cerebral Palsy and need a “chill out chair” which the foundation was able to
provide for her.

MAGGIE, age 12

Maggie suffers from the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Her adoptive family had a simple request for a special adaptive swing for their swing set.