MAKAYLA, age 10


Makayla has Down Syndrome. Her parents requested an adaptive tricycle as well as
an iPad to assist Makayla with communication. The foundation was able to provide both.

DEMETRICE, age 17 months


Demetris has Semi Lobar Holoprocensephaly. Demetrice needed a special device to train him to swallow so he could start eating solids. The foundation was able to provide this device for  him.


SAM age 10, RACHEL age 4, and REBECCA age 2: are siblings and all 3 have Cystic Fibrosis. The foundation purchased a special filter system, dehumidifiers, and a water purification system for their home to help decrease the amount of pollutants in the home for the purpose of reducing the frequency of lung infections.


Bryan suffers from ADEM, respiratory failure and Osteoarthritis. Bryan also received an adaptive tricycle

RYAN, age 18

RYAN, who like our Emily, has a chromosome abnormality and needed a wheel chair which the foundation was able to purchase for him. AIDEN age 6, has Autism. His family requested an adaptive tricycle for his use.

JACK, age 5


Jack has Cortical Blindness, Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. His family was in need of a lift system to help him move about the house. The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to assist with this purchase.

CAMERON, age 2

Cameron was born with Hydrocephalus and a femoral torsion. He needed a special suit called a TheraTog that would assist him in walking by offering support. These suits are very expensive and the foundation was able to purchase one for Cameron.


Addison’s family requested assistance with the final $3000 payment for the purchase of a wheel chair accessible van for their daughter. Thanks to your generosity, The Emily Ann Griffin Foundation was able to assist them with that final payment.